Preschool Alphabet Rugs Teaches More than just Creativity

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Research shows that eighty percent of what we learn is through our vision. Most kids in their early stage of growth and development acquire their valuable information just by being keen observers of their environment.

Toddlers and preschoolers are commonly visual learners. Visual learners tend to learn from reading books, looking at pictures and other visual materials that they often see at home, in school or even in the streets. Children who adapt more to this type of learning are more drawn to paintings, arts and crafts and other creative artworks that eventually teach them to bring out their very own potentials.

Kids who are visual learners benefit more from going to a regular school. They are able to learn the most basic parts of formal education through books, classroom orientation and art activities. Shapes, sizes and alphabets are gradually established and become the very basis of speech and writing which will later on be significant when they reach the primary level of education.

On the other hand, there are other strategies that can help establish the basic skills of reading, writing and creativity among many kids.  Day care centers and preschools provide variety of learning materials which stimulates a child's mind to remember the alphabet, shapes and primary colors that are commonly used to prepare your kids for more advanced learning.

Charts, memory cards and even television are useful visual aids to increase your child's intellectual capabilities and sharpen their memory over time. You can also buy specially designed preschool alphabet rugs as part of your visual orientation for little toddlers and preschool kids. Not only do they enjoy the playful environment with these preschool alphabet rugs, they are able to familiarize themselves with sequence of the alphabet.

Alphabet rugs are great furnishings to make the room more conducive for fun learning. The best thing about this is that it can also be used at home to further enhance your child's memory and help them coordinate the letters and sound of the alphabet. After sometime, you will definitely notice the improvement with your child's speech and communicate better to other people they encounter everyday.

Some preschool alphabet rugs are designed with colorful drawings which makes it more interesting for little kids to read from time to time. You can find different styles and sizes to suit your child's taste or the number of kids inside your toddler class. Not only do these alphabet rugs entice your child's learning and build a playful environment with colorful rugs, it also produces a more comfortable space for little kids to sit in and play around.

At Wooden Toddler toys, there are affordable preschool alphabet rugs available for your young ones. You can either use it at home or in school and still giving the same benefit of active play and visual learning for little toddlers and beginning preschoolers. There is nothing more exciting than seeing little kids read out the letter ABC even from a simple piece of classroom rug. This proves that learning is everywhere and kids will definitely grow into smart and active children as long as we provide them with the right tools to learn from.


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Preschool Alphabet Rugs Teaches More than just Creativity

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This article was published on 2010/11/25